Working together creates better solutions

We co-design with clients for a better experience. This approach gives us a shared understanding of what you and your customers need, expect and want.

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Project kickoff

In the initial meeting we'll agree on what are we trying to achieve and, more importantly – why. The initial gathering covers a high-level outline of the projects scope, including:

  • Who is involved in in the process.
  • How they'll work together and stay up to date.
  • What are the intended results and success metrics.


We'll need to understand what the business objectives are while validating what customers actually want and need. This phase will uncover both business and customer goals through:

  • Competitor Analysis, Content Audits and Analytics Reviews
  • Stakeholder workshops to understand current and desired future states
  • User Interviews that highlight pain points and possible pain relievers


Focusing on the business challenge, we'll take discovered insights and build prototypes to test possible solutions. Design Sprints are a great way to explore ideas that provide connection and alignment – it’s a structured and methodical process involving:

  • Sketching and mapping creative solutions.
  • Team alignment on the chosen direction
  • Rapid lo-fi prototypes to test with real users.


Following up from the exploration, any stand-out ideas will be selected for design. They will be tested, then presented – ironing out any left-over detail.

Whether you need just a content wireframe or a high-fidelity prototype, design would include:

  • Content wireframes
  • Prototyping
  • Design Systems application


Bluntmedia will partner with a local development team, or your in-house team, to make these ideas a reality.

Design-to-developer handoff is part of the package and includes:

  • Responsive websites
  • SaaS Web Applications
  • Native iPhone and Android Apps


Once everything has been pushed live, we’ll loop back to the initial conversation and measure the outcome against the intended results and success metrics - frequently asking:

  • Are sales up because of SEO or an easier experience?
  • Has productivity increased because of the new interface or better training?
  • Can we nudge customer decisions for a better oucome?
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