Supercharge your Startup's product and brand design

Your digital product should be user-friendly, and your brand should connect with the customers you want to attract.

A little design will get you a long way.

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Understand how users will use your product features, without building them.

Design research can improve a process or workflow, and give you to better insights to customer needs.

Prototypes can engage your audience and quickly give them a feel for the end product - without it being built.
It can also promote feedback from customers, clients, stakeholders and all other people involved, to allow for a more inclusive solution.

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A cohesive brand lends credibility and implies professionalism.

You've had your 'a-ha' moment and refined your idea. Now it's time to make a great first impression with a strong visual identity and consistent visual language.

It’s no coincidence that the most successful startup products are also well-designed; it signals quality, thoughtfulness and ease of use.

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Scalable design to get you up and running… quickly.

Startups need good design. If yours is in need of a Brand application or Product visualisation, or both, Bluntmedia can help you tackle the next step.


Branding plays a major role in the success of every startup. It helps differentiate you from your competitors, and set you apart from competitors. We’ll build this with:
Brand Research & Strategy

Map out how you are different, trustworthy, memorable and likeable by your ideal customer. It will convey your purpose, promises, and how you solve problems for people.

Brand Identity Systems

Ties all brand assets into a tangible system for use across everything from business cards to billboards and everything in between.


Small-to-medium sized websites that will allow you to showcase the benefits of your product to the masses. This is often the first time a client will interact with your brand. Make it count.

Social Media Marketing

You’ll need to promote your brand across the digital spectrum. We have friends that can help with SEO, content creation and digital marketing. They’re great.


Applying a consistent visual design across your product saves time, reduces user cognitive load and builds trust in your brand. We’ll achieve this with:
UI/UX Audit

It's hard when brands grow quickly but didn't have the time to document their digital assets. An audit will clear the clutter and enhance the process.

Visual prototypes

A clickable prototype will work to prove that your idea will or won’t work. It is an interactive, working model of the end product.

Design System

The source of truth for all components in your product, Design Systems will create a consistent foundation that will save time when building new features.

Design Sprints

Developed at Google, Design Sprints are an intense 4-day process where user-centred teams tackle design problems. Working with expert insights, teams ideate, prototype and test solutions on selected users.

If you're not quite ready to get going but need some advice, we’re always happy to help.

Whatever stage you're at, we can help.

Discover what design can do for your business