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The brief

Create a dynamic brand identity for a scientific platform focused on mass spectrometry.

What is Mass Dynamics?

It's a SciTech startup focused on supporting the needs of proteomics researchers utilising mass spectrometry techniques that applies the best of science, technology and Artificial Intelligence to improve the speed, quality and readability of scientific evidence.

Got it?

Some considerations…

Diversity in the Science and Technology industry is crucial so the brand needed to appeal to both men and women. The words Mass and Dynamics were thought to be quite masculine. The request was to subtly capture strength and femininity in the brand without having to overtly use feminine themes. They also didn't want the obvious science type cliches like test tubes and microscopes.

Got it.

Here is where we ended up.

So, how did we get there?

As this brand was primarily for an app, focus was given to a monogram style logo that combined the M & D – knowing that it would be used in the interface as well as a standalone brand element for any marketing output.

After the initial brain dump of scribbled ideas – messy but quick – there were a few themes that were explored and presented as initial ideas to the client.

Initial sketches to create design themes
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Theme Exploration

With such an open brief there needed to be some definition into what they did and didn't like. These themes covered a more traditional 'sciency' styles along with more contemporary approaches. This focused the feedback and direction which made it easier to fulfil that brief.

Animated sequence of themed logos
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Exploration of MD logotype themes - Desktop

Exploration of MD logotype themes - Mobile

Colour Analysis

In tandem with the logo exploration, we undertook a simple colour analysis to make sure there was a clear brand difference.

The colours needed to be dynamic and stand apart from other companies in the Mass Spec ecosystems as their target market are individuals who are hungry for change, and do things differently. Because of this, they settled on the vibrant and strong options.

Colour analysis from leaders and player in the Mass Spec market.

Final variations

After going through the selected colour combinations it was felt that a mix would be more appropriate. A strong vibrant mix.

Final variation with colour themes applied - desktop
Final variation with colour themes applied - mobile

Again, here's where we ended up.

The final output variations of the logo that can be used as the situation and context dictates. It's flexible.

Final logo output

Beyond the logo

The brand elements, along with the colours can be deconstructed to create abstract shapes that add even more dynamism as supporting elements or backgrounds.

Mass Dynamics business cards
Mass Dynamics conference brochure
Mass Dynamics LinkedIn campaign

Next steps

We'll be working on the product design to integrate the brand. Stay tuned.

Discover what design can do for your business.

Discover what design can do for your business