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Update an ageing brand rooted in web 2.0 skeuomorphic treatments, while still keeping the authenticity and strong identity of Grassroots Cricket.

The evolution

When I arrived at Cricket Aus we were just transitioning out of the WeetBix sponsored era so all logos were redesigned without the brand strip. Not much evolution but you have to start somewhere.

Below are the reductions that were made to simplify the logo while retaining the brand equity it had built in the market. We wanted something that was still recognised by all the participants across Australia. I think we definitely achieved that.

Style guide

We settled on a light-blue as the primary as it represents the 'sky under which we play'. After some market evaluation - to make sure the colour was not similar to existing brands – we applied this to the logo and expanded the palette to include the yellow and orange from the old brand.


We included illustrations to add personality to the brand. This allowed us to be a little playful with the onboarding messages and also broke up the tedious registration process with customised illustration (below).

Discover what design can do for your business.

Discover what design can do for your business